For those that do, it is well worth it. Mit einem Satz kam sie die Treppe hinunter.

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  • more_throwaway


    March 10, 2015, 11:42 pm

    It's exactly this. She made it perfectly clear the whole summer that she knew her parents treated her inappropriately in making her leave me for the summer, that she was realizing how fucked up an influence they'd had on her life, and that she regretted not staying with me. That she needed time on her own was obvious, she was really breaking down, and we both had a hard time and couldn't make it any easier on each other. But that she knew how fucked up the scenario was, and spent so long looking forward to talking to a doctor about it, and then wants to go back to school and pretend nothing ever happened, she just got over me and can start seeing other guys -- it makes me sick. I can't believe what I went through for this girl, to have her turn out such a -- well, I don't need the string of expletives here.


  • chiguy


    March 10, 2015, 12:51 pm

    >You think with the government forcing everyone to have insurance is going to drop prices?

    Not necessarily, however uninsured people currently raise prices for people with insurance and for government programs

    Do you really think forcing everyone to have the SAME insurance and get fined if they want to change will drop prices and increase quality? What is to prevent insurance companies from decreasing quality if they know they have their customers by the balls.

    >I think that a person should have a plan from cradle to grave.

    I agree. Single payer fixes this and, as evidenced by all the other industrialized nations that have some type of public option, apparently they get similar healthcare for much less (8% gdp vs 16%)


  • slinky317


    March 10, 2015, 8:46 pm

    Right, well let's look at his predictions for the "early 2000s" and see how accurate they were:

    >_Translating telephones allow people to speak to each other in different languages._

    >_Machines designed to transcribe speech into computer text allow deaf people to understand spoken words._

    >_Exoskeletal, robotic leg prostheses allow the paraplegic to walk._

    >_Telephone calls are routinely screened by intelligent answering machines that ask questions to determine the call's nature and priority._

    >_"Cybernetic chauffeurs" can drive cars for humans and can be retrofitted into existing cars. They work by communicating with other vehicles and with sensors embedded along the roads._

    MAYBE the speech-to-text thing, but even that's not totally there yet. Automated telephone machines are there, but they're just programmed menus and definitely not "intelligent" or anything close. Cybernetic chauffeurs? Really?


  • AmberbackRoach


    March 11, 2015, 3:42 am

    Oh dear.. why do I see capital treason whenever I study the volumes of evidence that link the Jews to 911.

    Chertoff head of Homeland Security, Zakheim from the Pentagon, Haeur from the Office of Emergency Management.. ably assisted by treason from GW Bush at the White House, Condi Rice from the State Department et al.

    Yet Jimmy Carter don't even raise his eyebrows.. could be he's a retard, but that seems incredible since he has a degree in nuclear physics and commanded a nuclear submarine.

    So he must be a common traitor is all!


  • DougDante


    March 10, 2015, 9:58 am

    So if we assume that in mortgaged homes, 40% are worth nothing and the bank eats the entire loan amount, yes, the banks are insolvent.

    Firstly, there's no way that 40% of mortgaged homes are going to default. Probably the majority of mortgaged homes are either above water, or very close to it, even after recent losses, so even if home owners default, the value of the home covers, or mostly covers (within 5%) the losses incurred by the bank.

    Here I'll keep this guys assumption that the residents of 40% of mortgaged homes will fall into foreclosure.

    For those homes which are underwater, and for which the home owners are going to default (which this guy assumes to be 40% of all mortgages), he goes on to make the mad assumption that they are worth absolutely nothing. Yes nothing.

    But the banks can sell those homes when the owner defaults! Even if they sell those homes on average for 75% of their mortgaged value, even with no other payments, that cuts this guy's trillion dollar loss to $250 billion.

    And even some of that $250B loss can sometimes be recouped, because people who foreclose on their homes sometimes have other assets, and the way bankruptcy laws were rewritten, high income bankrupts still have to pay something to their creditors. Also. those are the people with the biggest homes with the largest losses, making it easier on banks to get that money back. Let's say that they get 1/2 of that $250B back.

    That brings total losses to $125B. This is a hell of a lot of money, but not an impossible amount of money.


  • amdela


    March 11, 2015, 3:33 am

    I had a crazy boss too who would get all drunk at lunch and come back to the office and scream at us for not doing any work, when they had no work for us to do. And I swear I knew that Congo guy. I got told by one guy I was too fat for Chinese men, so I should give up and sleep with him, notwithstanding my bf or his baby-momma.

    Oh yeah and I met this old Scottish dude. I was moving to a new apt., and he was moving into my old one. I was giving him the run-down on the place, and I told him about the solar hot water. He lost his shit. "Do I look like a sun worshipper to you?? NO! I worship electricity, not the sun! I'm not moving into that shitbox!!"


  • masta


    March 10, 2015, 6:46 pm

    Maybe so, but the fact remains I might be the one person on reddit reading this who was also fired for blogging about work. I *know* what he's going thru, and I'm sharing what got me through the ordeal. I might add I began drinking too, and all that stuff occurred, and it's not as bad as he makes it seem. It's the initial onset magnification of emotion brought by a traumatic event. In other words he exaggerating a bit, what I call the pity party. That bit about him being over confident, and perhaps arrogant, that is the normal him, so this bit about slightly depressed is an exaggerated desperate feeling in relative terms it's what we would call mild depression, not a major one.

    My strategy is to help him ignore it, and get over it. Drinking does that. He is on the correct path to healing. I say drink away, and forget these down days. When he's not drinking he has the opportunity to think about revenge, or moving on. Pretty easy if you ask me.


  • nig-nog


    March 10, 2015, 2:25 pm

    >Mike went up to the cafe, slapped down a couple thousand yen (~$25), and ordered a little bit of everything: some ice cream, some snacks, some candy, some drinks, a Japanese horn-of-mysterious-plenty intentionally set up as a shocking surprise for the next lucky customer. (After his order, Mike received single iced coffee.)

    >As we walked away from the cafe, with just the right amount of delay, we heard an extremely excited "arigato goazimasu!! thank you so much!!" yelled in our direction, from an ecstatic mom and her equally excited young son. They truly appreciated the surprise.

    haha i know right

    Setting up small japanese children for diabetes is totally awesome!


  • blackstar9000


    March 10, 2015, 4:26 pm

    > Which do you think would be more likely under those circumstances: Replacement by a preexisting third party, or the creation of a new party in the wake of the GOP's downturn?

    That's hard to say. I don't know that any of the presently active third parties are well situated to take their place, so that would require some reinvention on their part as well. In favor of most of those third parties is the fact that it's easier to reinvent yourself with you're not, well, an elephant. They're smaller, so there's less resistance to change. Given the relative intractability of the Republican Party as it currently stands, I would say that they're less likely to reinvent themselves than they are to splinter, and it's possible that a splinter group could attract enough non-GOP adherents that it'll stand a good chance of replacing those who retain the Republican mantle. I think it unlikely that the neo-cons and Religious Right will be the ones to give up the name, since they've got more at stake when it comes to claiming a tradition -- the more "progressive" elements on the party will likely be less adverse to staking out new territory as a new party.

    Of the three parties you've listed, I'd say the Libertarians stand the best chance, *provided* that they're willing to swing a little more to the right on social issues. The opposition to big government already plays well with Republicans, and they can contrast to their favor that ideal to the realities of the last 8 years of Republican power, with the message that the Libertarians better represent a commitment to small government than the GOP has in practice. Either way, any third party that tries to fill the breach is going to need to make some significant changes to their own platform. The Libertarians seem like the best candidates to me simply because they have the least that would need changing to appeal to the disenfranchised Republicans.


  • energirl


    March 10, 2015, 11:16 am

    I used to waitress at the Drag Show at a gay bar in a very "family friendly" city. I have a habit of playing with my hair and scratching my face, so I always kept a bottle of hand sanitizer by the bar. One day I was in the manager's office and saw a huge box FULL of mini bottles of hand sanitizer, so I asked if I could have a couple. The manager looks at me funny and says "Uh, sure?"

    That night, after playing with my hair, I pulled out my new bottle of hand sanitizer and poured it liberally on my hands. One problem: it wasn't evaporating? I'm wiping furiously on my towel, and it just got more and more slippery - it wouldn't go away!!!

    That's when I take a good look at the "hand sanitizer" and realize it's actually anal lube. Let's just say my co-workers never let me live that one down!


  • infinityplus1


    March 10, 2015, 7:31 pm

    "Eating right? Extremely difficult for me."

    ^^This^^, right here is the reason I do not have the body of Adonis. (Yeah, I am kidding about the body of Adonis, but I would be closer if I would be more disciplined and had more self-control).

    I can go for a limited time eating healthy but within a given time period I will fall off the clean / healthy eating wagon. I then get down on myself and don't bother to get back on track until some damage has already been done. The longest time I made it recently was five months, which I am proud of (lost 30+ lbs), but I had a lot of both external and internal motivation during that time period. Now that some of that of that motivation is gone I am finding it harder to be disciplined.

    It also is difficult when there are a dozen chocolate chip cookies out on the counter every other night. Gah!!


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